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1.Applicable to 

①Straight line transmission limited

②The materials being protected

③The external environment needs to be protected

④Special requirements, needs the closed environment of the delivery place

2.Suitable for the long distance, large capacity transmission

3.Long service life, good properties in pipe formation, good abrasion resistance.good flexing resistance, good weather resistance, good ozone resistance.

4.Conveying angle:90

5.Skeleton main materials

  EP fabric: special designed weft structure 

  NN fabric: special designed weft structure 

  ST: Increase the special structure of the weft enhancement layer 

6.Special structure design brings effective horizontal support of pipe conveyor belt, which can ensure the enough rigidity in the service life. Excellent adhesion properties and mechanical properties is the key to ensure the long-term operation.

7.Working width:700-2200mm


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